What Replenishes You?


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Prioritizing the relationship you have with yourself means allotting time for yourself to slow down. On my journey, women have especially been instrumental in illuminating me to practices for mental clarity. For our benefit, some of my favorite wise women who professionally offer services for mental health share their personal self-care practices. May their routines help you ground down so you too can fly high.

Christina Villareal
Executive Coach, Health & Wellness Educator
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What grounds you? As a mental health professional, spouse and parent I learned that a well rounded self care regimen is an essential part of staying grounded, thriving and enjoying these roles.  Engaging in regular physical activities, spending time in nature, gathering with loved ones, eating seasonal whole foods and practicing a revitalizing skin care routine are all part of how I take time to love and appreciate my life!

Gigi Azmy
Awakening Coach, Spiritual Mentor
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What grounds you?What grounds me is my knowing of Who I Am. Knowing I am beyond my name and physical form, I am beyond my story of myself or any memory. I am before my parents existed and beyond time and space. When I know Who I am what can ever disturb me?
I ground further into my humanity. My heart. My purpose. My wins. My seeming loses. Allowing myself to be as human as I am divine grounds me to this good earth, to this sacred food, to my sacred temple and the gift I get to contribute too. 
What grounds me is the choice to choose to always remember Who I am and also consciously choose who I will be. 

Justine TF
Artist, Yoga Instructor
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What grounds you? I have a few that I rotate through: yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, journaling, and creating art. Some days, I have a lot of active and creative energy that needs to be let out, so yoga or making a mess with my paints is the perfect outlet. Some days, I have a lot of brewing thoughts that I need to wade through and untangle, so meditation, aromatherapy, and journaling help with that. I think that having a grounding practice (or a few) is something that brings us back to our baseline, resets our way of being, and reminds us of who we truly are.

Tina Truong
Plant Based Nutrition Coach, Energy Reader
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What grounds you? My practice that definitely helps me ground myself daily would start off by burning some palo Santo wood, incense, or sage. I set the intension that I'm grounding myself and my energies into the core of mother Gaia. I close my eyes and meditate and visuzlie myself grounding my roots into the grass just like a tree. I then inhale and exhale and release everything that no longer serves me. With every exhale, I feel my body getting lighter, my emotions are more stable, and my mind is more calm. I also like to meditate with my grounding stones such as turmaline or black onyx. When I am near the ocean or water,  I love going for a swim by going under and setting the intension to do the grounding work with mother gaias emotions and waves. And when I am near the woods and mountain, I love to hug trees too! This, I find this to be the most helpful and theraputic way to ground yourself but you have to really hug her trunks for a good minute. And my last and favorite way to stay grounded would be listening to some root chakra binaural beats! 


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