Over the July 4th break, I allowed myself a slow weekend in the comfort of my abode doing little else but indulging in the abundance of Mother Earth. In the midst of our routines of everyday living, it's easy to take for granted nature's miracles while voraciously consuming our Earth's bounty. Apart from the physical food the Earth graciously provides, 

our planet nourishes us endlessly.

Four fulfilling moments experienced in the past four days, fueled by our Earth:

  • The wind that balanced the intensity of the sun as I finished reading Min Jee Lee's Free Food For Millionaires
  • Antipasti prep that included prepping baby cantaloupe from the farmer's market, triple creme brie made in Marin, sweet batard baked in San Francisco; all paired with white wine from Santorini 
  • Breathing in all the life and energy necessary to produce the intensity of colors and the aroma in a single flower
  • Grinding my coffee beans that were picked in Thailand and had a journey of no less than six months to become my morning brew

"See how the universe works? / It takes my hurt and help me find more of myself" -Jay-Z | Listen here

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