Source Unknown

Source Unknown

We've all experienced the phenomena where a sequence of events occur in serendipitous timing. They have enough relevance we yearn for the why behind such coincidences. The unexpected run-in with someone occupying your mind; the chance discovery of a song at a party you planned to miss that propelled you into your artistry; are these seemingly spiritual coincidences accidental or destined, inconsequential or a sign? 

"Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see." -Carl Jung

Synchronicity is the merging of mind and matter expressed through connecting -and not causal- events that bear meaning. These happy coincidences illuminate the interconnectedness of the cosmos and all creation. Once we know this, we can open ourselves to the abundance of alignment. 

Synchronicity, coined by psychologist Carl Jung, is derived from the word "Synchrony"  which has its origins in the Greek word sunkhronos.

  • σύν (sun) meaning "together with" 
  • Χρόνος khronos meaning "time" 

What if we were all to establish synchrony of thoughts, speech and actions? Imagine at any given moment, you were living in alignment with your values. Imagine your family and friends individually connected to what they value in their day to day actions. And now the people you work with. And then spreading that further out to your neighbors, and now your city. All these people surrounding you, living in their bliss.

The vision of this growing radiance is the inspiration behind this little space. I created it to honor the balance of nature in us. Like trees, we too root down to fly high. 




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